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Register an agricultural remedy

What you should do
How long does it take
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About registering agricultural remedy

To import, manufacture, or sell an agricultural remedy in South Africa, you must be registered with the Registrar of Act 36 of 1947.

You may only qualify for registration if you are a South African citizen or a juristic person with a registered office in South Africa.

If the agricultural remedy that you want to register is already registered by another person, you must get permission from that individual before registration.

You must package the remedy to be registered in a clean and closed container. You are not allowed to re-use the container after you have emptied the remedy. In case of a liquid agricultural remedy, you must make sure that the container does not spill the remedy when you pour it. Your container must comply with the South African National Standards 10229.

Your container must be labelled with:

  • a trade mark
  • the registration number. If you do not have a registration number you must write it as “Reg. No. …. Act No.36 of 1947”
  • the toxicity category under which the agricultural remedy is classified
  • the type of formulation of the agricultural remedy and the purpose for which it is registered
  • the batch number from which the remedy originates and the manufacturing date of that batch
  • the net volume or mass of the remedy
  • the name and address of the contact person
  • the company registration number if applicable.

What you should do

  1. Download and complete the Application for the registration of an Agricultural Remedy form.
  2. Make three copies of the form and post them to: The Registrar: Act 36 of 1947, Private Bag X343, Pretoria, 0001 or hand-deliver them to: The Registrar: Act 36 of 1947, Agriculture Place, 20 Steve Biko Street, Arcadia, Pretoria.
  3. Attach one copy of the supportive studies (e.g. toxicological data, efficacy data, residue data and physical specifications). See the agricultural remedies registration procedure policy document, guidelines for the toxicological evaluation of microbial pest control agents, residue trial data requirements document and guidelines on equivalence of agricultural remedies for information on the requirements.
  4. Pay the prescribed fee. If you are going to hand-deliver your application and your application fee, make sure you get a receipt of payment.
    Bank details:
    Account name: NDA-ACT 36 of 1947
    Account number: 11 2031 02
    Reference: Name of your company
    Branch code: 01 0845
    Bank Name: Standard Bank
  5. If you want to import the remedy, you must include the following with your documents:
    • port of entry
    • dosage rate 
    • trial protocol 
    • location of trials 
    • active ingredients 
    • quantity to be imported.

How long does it take

Six to 12 months.

How much does it cost

Tariffs for 2022/23

Forms to complete

Application for the registration of an Agricultural Remedy

Who to contact


Directorate Agriculture Inputs Control

Tel: 012 319 7103/7847
E-mail address:
Physical address: 20 Steve Biko Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
Postal address:  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Private Bag X343, Pretoria 0001