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20 Sep 2022
Solving the electricity challenge is vital for South Africa’s investment drive

Dear Fellow South African,A few days ago, I met with US President Joe Biden in Washington to discuss several issues...

12 Sep 2022
The struggle to give South Africa a more human face

Dear Fellow South African,

On this day 45 years ago, Stephen Bantu Biko died in police custody in Pretoria Central Prison.


5 Sep 2022
Jobs figures show our economy is on the road to recovery

Dear Fellow South African, 

Over the last few years, South Africans have had to contend with slow growth and rising...

29 Aug 2022
New approach to fighting corruption gets results

Dear Fellow South African,

The fight against corruption requires both firm political will and independent, capable crime-fighting...

22 Aug 2022
Youth Employment Programme Is Changing Lives

Dear Fellow South African,

I was recently shown an inspiring and deeply touching post on a Facebook group for participants in government’s...

8 Aug 2022
We must celebrate the achievements of South African women

Dear Fellow South African,

Tomorrow we will commemorate the day in 1956 when thousands of women marched on the Union Buildings to...

1 Aug 2022
We must act now and together to end violence against women

Dear Fellow South African,It has been a tragic start to Women’s Month.Last week, we were once more confronted with the dark and ugly side...

25 Jul 2022
Social compact for growth and jobs must make a lasting difference

Dear Fellow South African,Since the advent of democracy, our people and indeed social partners have on many occasions been...

18 Jul 2022
Nelson Mandela Day reminds us that the future is in our hands

Dear Fellow South African,Today is Nelson Mandela Day, which is commemorated in South Africa and around the world.In honour of the...

11 Jul 2022
We can and will do more to end load shedding

Dear Fellow South African

Over the past two weeks, severe load shedding has disrupted our economy and caused extreme hardship for all...

4 Jul 2022
Our nation mourns the young lives lost in Enyobeni Tavern Tragedy

Dear Fellow South African

Just over a week ago, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, families in the township of...

27 Jun 2022
A momentous week that promises new beginnings

Dear Fellow South African,

For most people in our country, last week was much like any other. As most of us went about our daily lives, we may...

20 Jun 2022
BRICS partnership has great value for South Africa

Dear Fellow South African

Later this week, I will join the leaders of China, Brazil, Russia and India at the 14th BRICS Leaders’ Summit,...

13 Jun 2022
Social Employment offers young people hope and opportunity

Dear Fellow South African

Later this week, we will commemorate Youth Day in honour of the bravery and sacrifices of the generation...

6 Jun 2022
Rising cost of living calls for a united response

Dear Fellow South African,Over the past few months, South African consumers have been hit by steep price increases that have dramatically affected...

30 May 2022
Black economic empowerment a must for growth

Dear Fellow South African,

Last week a landmark broad-based black economic empowerment transaction was concluded in the Eastern Cape that...

23 May 2022
Racism is still part of the daily South African experience

Dear Fellow South African,The country has, in recent days, been outraged at the sight of a white student at the University of...

16 May 2022

Rebuilding lives and livelihoods after the floodsDear Fellow South African,It has been just over a month since heavy flooding wreaked havoc across parts of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and...

9 May 2022

Operation Vulindlela is opening the path to growth

Dear Fellow South African,

The South African economy, like any other economy, cannot function, let alone grow, without efficient...

3 May 2022
The workers have spoken and we must listen

Dear Fellow South African,

Two days ago, South Africa’s workers joined millions across the globe in marking Workers Day, also known as May...