Government Opinion Pieces

18 Nov 2019

Dear Fellow South African, The three life sentences handed down to the rapist and killer of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana by the Cape High Court are befitting of this heinous crime. The life...

4 Nov 2019

By President Cyril Ramaphosa

Dear Fellow South African,

The sight of Springbok captain Siyamthanda Kolisi lifting the cup at the Yokohama Stadium on Saturday filled me with...

30 Oct 2019

Every Rand that is invested in our economy by local and international investors helps create new jobs, expands the local market and boosts economic activity. It sets in motion a new wave of growth...

28 Oct 2019

By President Cyril Ramaphosa

Dear Fellow South African,

Last week, I led a government delegation to the first Russia-Africa Summit, convened in the Black Sea resort city of...

22 Oct 2019

By Phumla Williams

Those who were fortunate enough to live through our democratic change in the months leading up to April 1994, literally saw history unfolding before their very...

21 Oct 2019

By Phumla Williams

Less than four weeks ago, a new district development model that will revolutionise the way local government works and interacts for the benefit of South Africans was...

21 Oct 2019

By President Cyril Ramaphosa

Dear Fellow South African,

The unexpected load-shedding last week disrupted the lives of millions of people in their homes, workplaces and businesses. ...

14 Oct 2019

By President Cyril Ramaphosa

Dear Fellow South African,

In everything that we do to grow our economy, our main aim must be to improve the lives of South Africans. We want to build an...

10 Oct 2019

By Phumla Williams

We live in a globally connected world where the fortunes of nations are interlinked. This is particularly true for African countries which are all interconnected...

27 Aug 2019

By Phumla Williams

The 39th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) that ended in Tanzania on 18 August, shaped up to be one of...

1 Aug 2019

By Phumla Williams

The empowerment of women is about dealing with the legacy of apartheid and the transformation of society, particularly of power relations between women, men, institutions...

31 Jul 2019

By Phumla Williams

There are few things more devastating than being denied quality healthcare because of one’s socio-economic status. This sadly is a reality, which is faced by the majority...

26 Jul 2019

By Phumla Williams 

THE topic of corruption and its prevalence in society always elicits passionate responses.

Corruption is a global phenomenon, yet it often hits home at individual...

24 Jul 2019

By Phumla Williams

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated annually to honour and commemorate the life of former President Nelson Mandela. Each year on July 18, people around the...

19 Jul 2019

By Phumla Williams

The dream and vision of the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now known as the African Union (AU) was for a united and prosperous...

16 Jul 2019

By Busani Ngcaweni 


Over the next few years SA will work towards doubling international tourist arrivals to about 21-million by 2030

The National Development Plan recognises...

3 Jul 2019

By Phumla williams

When President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament, he not only outlined his vision for the country for the next five to ten years...

27 May 2019

By Phumla Williams

We continue to see the role of media and communication as central to what we all are striving for in the continent.

We owe it to ourselves to make the continent a...

16 May 2019

By Lennox Klaas

During the darkest days of apartheid, Radio Freedom, the voice of the oldest liberation movement, the African National Congress, was the revolutionary tool that inspired...

11 Apr 2019

By Advocate Praise Kambula

Given our history of inequality under apartheid, the importance of having access to justice and protection of human rights cannot be overemphasised.