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What you should do
How much does it cost
Forms to complete
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About registering with an AET centre

Are you an adult or a young person wanting to get basic education? It is not too late; you can register with an Adult Education and Training (AET) centre.

AET is an outcomes-based programme that aims to give you basic learning tools, knowledge and skills, and equip you with nationally-recognised qualifications.

Anyone who did not complete mainstream schooling, and want to attain qualifications in a flexible environment, may register with any AET centre. The AET centres may give you placement tests to determine whether you are at AET level one, two or three.

What you should do

  1. Register at your nearest AET centre.
  2. Submit your birth certificate or identity document and any of your school records.

Time frame

It may take one to two weeks to register.

How much does it cost

Fees vary from centre to centre.

Forms to complete

You can get the registration form at ABET centres.

Who to contact







Mrs Z Mgoduka

Eastern Cape

040 608 4024

040 608 4660

Ms NF Gxwati

Free State

051 404 8800

051 430 0863

Ms T Masondo


011 355 0753

011 355 0343

Mr Muzi Mahlambe


033 341 8506

033 341 8802

Ms SR Mantshiu


015 291 2564

015 291 2012

Ms N Molemane


013 766 5370

013 766 7231

Mr R Phillips

Northern Cape

053 839 6349

053 830 2308

Ms J Mekgoe

North West

018 389 8130

018 389 8246

Mr A Damon

Western Cape

021 467 2606

021 467 9385


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