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Financial Sector Laws Amendment Act 23 of 2021 (English / Setswana)

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23 of 2021

The Financial Sector Laws Amendment Act 23 of 2021 intends:

To amend—

  • the Insolvency Act, 1936, to clarify that the provisions of the Financial Sector Regulation Act, 2017, apply to the liquidation or sequestration of the estate of a designated institution; to exclude dispositions made in case of resolution from the application of the Insolvency Act; to clarify and refine the application of certain provisions of the Insolvency Act;
  • the South African Reserve Bank Act, 1989, to provide for the performance of resolution functions by the Reserve Bank;
  • the Banks Act, 1990, to exclude banks in resolution from the application of certain provisions; to provide for set-off against any amounts paid by the Corporation for Deposit Insurance; to repeal certain provisions;
  • the Mutual Banks Act, 1993, to provide for the issuing of guidance notes and directives by the Prudential Authority; to provide for an offence in the case of non-compliance with a directive; to repeal certain provisions; to exclude a mutual bank in resolution from the application of certain provisions;
  • the Competition Act, 1998, to exclude transactions in relation to resolution from the application of certain provisions; and to provide for consultation with the Competition Commission in relation to certain transactions;
  • the Financial Institutions (Protection of Funds) Act, 2001, to exclude designated institutions in resolution from the application of certain provisions;
  • the Co-operative Banks Act, 2007, so as to repeal certain provisions; and to exclude the application of certain provisions to co-operative banks as designated institutions;
  • the Companies Act, 2008, to provide for the winding up of a company in resolution in certain circumstances; to exclude transactions, amalgamations or mergers or arrangements in relation to resolution from the application of certain provisions; to exclude an institution in resolution from the application of a Chapter;
  • the Financial Markets Act, 2012, to exclude designated institutions from the application of certain provisions; and to exclude designated institutions in resolution from the application of certain provisions;
  • the Financial Sector Regulation Act, 2017, to provide for the establishment of a framework for the resolution of designated institutions to ensure that the impact or potential impact of a failure of a designated institution on financial stability is managed appropriately; to designate the Reserve Bank as the resolution authority; to establish a deposit insurance scheme, including a Corporation for Deposit Insurance and a Deposit Insurance Fund; to provide for co-ordination, co-operation, collaboration and consultation between the Corporation for Deposit Insurance and other entities in relation to financial stability and the functions of these entities; to make provision for designated institutions in connection with resolution matters; to further provide for information required to assess a levy; to effect consequential and technical amendments to certain provisions; to accordingly amend the long title and the Arrangement of Sections; and
  • the Insurance Act, 2017, to exclude certain insurers from the application of a Chapter;
  • and to provide for matters connected therewith.


To be proclaimed in a Gazette