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Electoral Laws Amendment Act 4 of 2021 (English / Afrikaans)

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The Electoral Laws Amendment Act 4 of 2021 intends

  • to amend the—
  • Electoral Commission Act, 1996, so as
    • to insert certain definitions;
    • to streamline the provisions for the registration of political parties;
    • to provide for the registration of parties in respect of particular provinces, district and metropolitan municipalities and to repeal provisions relating to registration of parties in respect of particular local municipalities;
    • to repeal obsolete provisions;
  • Electoral Act, 1998, so as
    • to insert certain definitions;
    • to delete the provisions regarding public access to the voters’ roll;
    • to update references to repealed legislation;
    • to amend provisions allowing voters to vote in a voting district where they are not registered;
    • to amend provisions relating to the submission of lists of candidates;
    • to amend provisions relating to special votes in elections for the National Assembly;
    • to amend provisions relating to the procedure concerning provisional results and voting materials;
    • to provide for the limited applicability of the Code;
    • to amend Schedule 3; and
  • Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act, 2000, so as
    • to insert and delete certain definitions;
    • to amend the requirements for parties contesting elections by way of party lists and for a ward candidate to contest elections;
    • to authorise the Commission to prescribe a different voting procedure for those voters whose names appear on the voters’ roll, without addresses;
    • to amend provisions relating to the effect of certain irregularities, and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


27 August 2021 (Gazette 45060, 27 August 2021)