Whistle blowing

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Whistleblowing is a term that is used by law enforcement agencies when a person passes on relevant and reliable information concerning wrongdoing, such as fraud and corruption to a person / organisation they trust.

Any person can be a whistle-blower when they suspect, witness or observe behaviour or actions that they believe to be illegal or in contravention of financial management laws of the country and report these suspicions to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

As an active citizen it is your responsibility to provide relevant information related to squandering, maladministration, and misuse of your taxes to the law enforcement agencies.  As a member of the public you are entitled to know how your taxes are used and that these are not misused to enrich the criminals.

As a citizen of this country you are entitled to receive services from all spheres of government.  Government has the responsibility to remain transparent and accountable to you on the use of public funds and service delivery at all times.  Therefore, if you witness any forms of maladministration or squandering of public funds, you have a responsibility to come forward and report it to the relevant law enforcement agencies. If you do not report any wrongdoing by those who are entrusted with the public funds, you are enabling them to continue their illegal activities and further widening the gap of poverty and hunger.

When you come forward with the information, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to protect your identity and to ensure that you and those close to you are not exposed to any harm.

The law enforcement agencies have been trained to ensure that they protect the identity of the whistle-blower and to keep these secret at all times. Should they break the confidentiality code, they may face disciplinary action which can lead to them being fired from their employment. They can also face prosecution and receive heft sentences for releasing confidential information.

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