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National Treasury launched the RSA Retail Savings Bonds in 2004.

Two bonds are on offer, the existing fixed interest option and a new inflation linked bond that is protected against inflation.

To encourage households to start saving alongside business and government, the National Treasury developed a retail bond which offers guaranteed returns, can be bought for as little as R1 000 and carries no commission, agency or service fees.

The Retail Bond also allows investors to take control of their own savings portfolio instead of investing through a third party. The RSA Retail Bonds offer competitive rates, with similar benefits as Government is paying in the capital markets. Individuals will now have access to those benefits in the same way as businesses and corporations.

Retail Savings Bonds stimulate personal economic empowerment by providing an alternative investment instrument that is safe and secure while delivering solid and dependable returns as well as creating healthy competition between the investment instruments in the marketplace, to the ultimate benefit of the individual investor.

The simplicity and reliability of the RSA Retail Savings Bonds should lead, over time, to deeper levels of financial and economic literacy in South Africa as a whole. As such, South Africans across the economic strata will have the opportunity to become financially empowered, a development that in turn should stimulate a savings culture and encourage economic maturity.

Main features

  • No fees, simple, secure, easily accessible and affordable
  • Available to all RSA citizens and permanent residents with a valid ID number and RSA bank account
  • Backed by the full faith of Government


  • RSA Retail Savings Bonds are accessible:
    • electronically, via the internet, on the RSA Retail Savings Bonds website
    • at any branch of the South African Post Office
    • Directly at the National Treasury - 240 Madiba Street, Cnr Thabo Sehume and Madiba Street, Pretoria, 0002
    • by telephone, directly to the National Treasury Helpline, on 012 315 5888.
  • Interest (if opted) and capital are paid directly into your bank account on interest payment date, ensuring no delays.

Savings products

  • Fixed Rate Retail Savings Bonds
    • Rolling maturities of two years, three years and five years
    • Offers fixed rate until maturity
    • Investment amount R1 000 to R5 million
    • Interest payment option – payments received semi-annually or monthly (monthly repayments for over-60s only)
    • Option of reinvesting payments
  • Inflation-linked retail savings bonds (introduced in 2007)
    • Three-year, five-year and ten-year maturities
    • Inflation protection for investors
    • Bi-annual interest payment only
    • Investment amount R1 000 to R1 million.

Contact details

Helpline: 012 315 5888
Address: National Treasury (240 Vermeulen Street, c\o Andries and Vermeulen Streets, 14th floor, Pretoria)

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