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Animal and Veld Management Programme

The AVMP programme focuses on rehabilitation of degraded lands to improve crop production; de-bushing as well as infrastructure to support the livestock industry.

Some R223 million was invested in agro-processing infrastructure to drive the development of the hub of the agri-park model. This included various types of infrastructures such as abattoirs, mills, dairies, and silos to support the various commodities.

The AVMP is aimed at providing relief for farmers in rural areas operating under challenging circumstances made worse by spatial congestion and environmental degradation owing to overgrazing.

The programme will also help with soil rehabilitation, spatial decongestion and regreening of the environment. It is part of government's intervention towards reversing the legacy of the 1913 Natives’ Land Act, which led to the majority of black people being confined to 13% of the land, resulting in challenges of overcrowding and overgrazing in communal areas.

The department will identify farmers in communal areas who have showed potential for successful farming. Based on their track record, such farmers will be moved into some of the state-owned farms to enable them to expand their farming operations.

The AVMP is expected to reach the country's 24 poorest district municipality areas. In 2015, more than 451 AVMP projects that benefited 2 206 smallholder farmers were implemented.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform invested close to R2,25 million on activities identified for AVMP at Leliefontein communal area. These included, among others, the rehabilitation and de-bushing project in Spoegrivier and Tweerivier which will create work for 50 community members, a joint agricultural and rural infrastructure development planning for water reticulation infrastructure worth a million rand.

Source: SA Yearbook 2015/2016