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Premier Alan Winde on Coronavirus Covid-19 cases and vaccines for 7 Sept

7 Sep 2021

Update on the coronavirus and vaccines by Premier Alan Winde

As at 1pm on 7 September 2021, the Western Cape had 24 504 active COVID-19 infections, with a total number 503 684 COVID-19 cases to date and 460 355 recoveries.  

Total number of COVID-19 cases to date

503 684


Total recoveries

460 355


Total deaths

18 825


Total active cases (currently infected patients)

24 504


Tests conducted

2 323 653


Hospitalisations (private and public combined)

2931 of which 617 are in high care or ICU


By 5pm on 6 September 2021, the Western Cape Government had administered a cumulative total of 2 239 632 vaccines to healthcare workers, staff in the education sector and those within eligible age brackets.

The current 7-day moving average is 70 deaths per day.

Additional data is available on the Western Cape COVID-19 data dashboard which also features active cases per sub-district, active cases per 100 000 and 7-day moving averages. To view the Dashboard, visit:

You can also view the Western Cape Government’s vaccine registration dashboard by visiting: 

Western Cape continues to see decreases COVID-19 cases, deaths & hospitalisations

The Western Cape is continuing to see decreases in COVID-19 infections, deaths, hospitalisations and testing. This indicates that not only have we left the peak of the third wave, but that we are starting to come off the third wave too.

We will have officially left the third wave once case numbers are at 15% of the peak of the current wave or approximately 530 cases diagnosed a day. We are continuing to monitor these indicators closely.

While case numbers are decreasing, we are still seeing approximately 1000 cases a day and we must continue to be vigilant and play our part in breaking the chain of transmission.

Our healthcare platform indicates that as of 7 September:

  • The test positivity rate is currently 23%, which has decreased from 42% at its highest point on 26 July 2021.
  • Daily cases have decreased to 1555 new cases a day from 3543 at its highest point on 17 August 2021.
  • Hospital admissions have decreased from 362 new admissions at its highest point on 1 August to 220 new admissions daily.
  • Average deaths stand at 70 deaths compared to 122 deaths at its highest point on 30 July 2021.
  • The Reproductive or “R” number for the province is approximately 0.75 compared to 1.4 at its highest point around 14 June 2021.


Let’s play our part and continue practicing the lifesaving behaviours that we have learnt to stop the spread of COVID-19 so that we can exit the third wave and move forward.

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