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Post Offices advises SASSA beneficiaries to use alternative channels during May

5 May 2022

SAPO advises SASSA beneficiaries to use alternative channels during May

The SA Post Office advises SASSA beneficiaries who plan to withdraw their grant during May 2022, and who normally do their transaction at a Post Office branch, to consider withdrawing their grant at a supermarket or ATM. Some Post Office branches will have insufficient cash, although it should be noted that the majority of SASSA grants for the month of May have been paid.
Tuesday 3 May was reserved for paying Older Persons’ Grants, Wednesday 4 May for Disability Grants and Thursday 5 May for Children’s Grants.  The arrangement therefore applies to remaining beneficiaries who receive the R350 SRD grant and beneficiaries who use cash pay points. 

For beneficiaries who use the gold SASSA card issued by Postbank, withdrawals at a supermarket are free of any commission. They can also swipe the card to pay for any purchases, and all swipes are free of commission.  A beneficiary therefore receives the full value of the grant when using a supermarket, down to the last cent. 

The gold card can be used at all ATMs in South Africa. Where an ATM is used, the bank owning the ATM will levy a fee.  

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