North West Economy and Enterprise Development on closing of ock of Springs SA College

10 Jun 2019

North West Provincial Consumer Court closes Rock of Springs SA College in Mahikeng

The Consumer Affairs Court in its sitting in Mmabatho recently ordered Rock of Springs SA College which is a private College operating in Mahikeng town to refund all learners who were registered with the College. It was established that it operates illegally as not registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. The case was referred to the Court after the failure of the mediation process by North West Consumer Affairs Office.

The College has been operating for quite some time and offered courses which were not accredited by MICT SETA, which amongst others includes, Information Technology: Technical Support and Mechanical Engineering N3. Some students were offered certificates for courses that they were not registered for. Two certificates were verified by MICT SETA and it was discovered that they were fraudulent. Certificates were issued without the MICT SETA’s consent which is in breach of accreditation terms and conditions.

Mr Geofrey Kakaire could not provide sufficient reasons to the Court why he operated the college whilst not complying with the laws of the Republic and he took advantage of poor students who registered out of ignorance.

In delivering the verdict Mr Nkomo, Chairperson of the Consumer Affairs Court ordered that the affected students be refunded all fees paid. Furthermore it was ordered that a copy of the order be printed and posted at the entrance of Rock of Springs SA College.

Amongst others Mr Nkomo ordered Mr Kakaire “to cease and desist from running the College until it complies with the laws and regulations for registration and accreditation of the private colleges. All certificates issued by Rock of Springs from Mahikeng site were declared null and void.

Mr Onkabetse Modimogale, one of the students affected could not believe that they were almost ripped off by Rock of Springs after spending almost the whole year at the college rendering their certificate worthless and thanked the Consumer Affairs Office for their commitment and dedication in ensuring that the rights of consumers in the North West province are not infringed.

Modimogale further said that the case was an eye opener for most of young peopleand advise them to always verify registration and accreditation to ensure that they will obtain authentic certificates.

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