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Minister Bheki Cele: Launch of IPID hotline number

12 Oct 2020

Police Minister General Bheki Cele on the occasion of the launch of IPID hotline number

Executive Director of IPID, Jennifer Ntlatseng
Members of the media
Ladies and gentlemen

Good Morning to you all

For all of us to truly understand the work of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, it is crucial to understand its genesis.

The mission of an effective Police Directorate is to be an independent and impartial oversight structure that is committed to justice and acts in the public interest.

While I am confident, that a majority of the men and women in blue are good hardworking dedicated and honest officers.

Unfortunately some of our own do disgrace us, by their actions that bring the service into disrepute.

As we all know, police misconduct whether alleged or proven, has a negative impact on our society.

Any transgression committed by any officer of the law, erodes the trust and confidence communities have towards the police.

Many of these police turned criminals have been brought before the courts.

Some wrongdoing is brought to light by members of the public.

Communities also continue to blow the whistle on sub-standard services they at times receive at police stations.

These officers of the law who choose to go against the very oaths they took to protect and to serve, don’t have a place in the SAPS.

It is on this score that the IPID is mandated to conduct independent and impartial investigations of criminal offences allegedly committed by members of the SAPS and the Municipal Police.

The bottom line is that the IPID keeps the police in check at all times.

Arresting our own

IPID has in the past and continues to takedown criminals masquerading as police. This includes the arrest of officers implicated in alleged corruption, and those violating their constitutional mandate.

In many cases, the police directorate will also step in when the conduct of the police, during operations is in question.

Whatever the case, IPID is required to exercise its powers fairly, impartially and without fear, favour or bias.

Empowering of communities

Members of the media,

Today we are gathered to launch a first for the police oversight body.

0800 111 696 is a Toll free hotline number that empowers communities like never before.

Through this number, citizens will have direct access to a directorate that ensures accountability in the police service.

IPID shaping up

Ladies and Gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to see that IPID continues to refine and improve its work under the new management.

Three months ago when the new Executive Director came into office, I expressed my confidence in Ms Ntlatseng to steer the ship in the right direction and bring much needed stability to this organisation.

I believe the launch of this IPID hotline number brings the IPID one step closer in better positioning itself, as an effective and impartial oversight body of the police.

It is also a bold move that aims to better serve the people of this country.

I want to thank you Executive Director for your leadership in realizing this very crucial part of promoting and maintaining excellence and integrity within the SAPS.

Report transgressions

With the launch of this hotline number, communities will have better access to justice and recourse.

I urge all South Africans to use this number wisely and responsibly.

Report officers that sleep on duty.

Report officers that turn away victims of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence at police stations.

Report officers that abuse state resources and state vehicles.

Report officers that harass and intimidate citizens.

Report officers who aid in the sale of drugs and protect drug dealers.

Report all forms of corruption by officers.

In conclusion,

The quality of IPIDs investigations is crucial in ensuring police accountability for any wrongdoing.

It is equally as important for complainants to receive consistent quality service from the directorate.

Findings of investigations must be concluded timeously, so that those found guilty can be brought to book and officers proven innocent can return back to their posts.

When investigations drag on or don’t conclude within reasonable time, unfortunately public opinion often interpreted as that police have acted unlawfully, will prevail.

Delays in the finalization of cases will further erode the trust that communities have in the police.

ED, simply put, Investigations with no conclusions create a divide between police and communities that we all simply cannot afford.

One thing is for sure, the IPID should always play a corrective rather than punitive role.

I remain confident that this new telephonic access to the Independent Investigative Police Directorate, will be mutually beneficial for us as the Police and to the communities that we serve.

Lirandzu Themba
Cell: 082 604 9080