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Gauteng releases results of the General Household Travel Survey

15 Oct 2020

The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport has today received the latest household travel survey for the province. 

In 2019 the Department commissioned the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), an entity of the Department of Science of Innovation, to conduct a General Household Travel Survey to examine transport patterns of households in the province. 

The first provincial household travel survey in the post-apartheid dispensation was carried out in 2000, followed by a 2014 survey.  

The household travel survey data have over the years functioned as critical inputs to strategic transport planning.  

The Gauteng Household Travel Survey (GHTS) is necessary to support evidence-based decision-making. 

The 2018/19 GHTS is a province-wide primary data collection project that aimed to collect and analyse information about household travel patterns, in order to provide improved understanding of the interaction between households and transport service delivery. 

The GHTS is one of a series of provincial household travel surveys commissioned by the GDRT as part of fulfilling its legislative mandate requiring the province to continuously monitor and evaluate its transport system. 

Comparable to historical Household Travel Surveys, the 2019/20 GHTS aims to understand the general travel patterns of households and individuals, including their respective predominant motives and methods of travel. 

Speaking at the launch event, MEC Jacob Mamabolo said that the outcome of the GHTS provides a vital understanding of general mobility patterns at a household level. 

“Insights into travel experiences and perceptions, particularly around the public transport system, offer a decision-support tool for authorities and planners to maximise the effectiveness and targeting of mobility reform initiatives. 

“The Survey findings represent a critical input to promoting appropriate mobility research and planning practices as desired in transport legislation and policy with the sole aim of achieving better, sustainable integrated mobility infrastructure and systems," said Mamabolo.  

Furthermore, the results of GHTS offer valuable insights for the development of adequate planning tools that can be used by industrialists, property, and software developers, as well as researchers and academic students.  

For more information, contact the Department of Roads and Transport’s Melitah Madiba on 073 644 9935 or Theo Nkonki on 082 719 6404.



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