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As we have seen, each and every one of us as South Africans we have to play our part in implementing the National Development Plan, our Vision 2030.

From our part as Government in 2014 we adopted the Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSF) 2014-2019 as the first programme to implement the National Development Plan

The MTSF identifies the important actions required to implement the aspects of the NDP for which government is responsible over the next five years

The MTSF is structured around 14 priority outcomes, which covers the following:

  • Quality basic education
  • A long and healthy life for all
  • All people in South Africa are and feel safe
  • Decent employment through inclusive economic growth
  • Skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path
  • An efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network
  • Vibrant, equitable, sustainable rural communities contributing to food security for all
  • Sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life
  • Responsive, accountable, effective and efficient local government system
  • Protect and enhance our environmental assets and natural resources create a better South Africa, a better Africa and a better world
  • An efficient, effective and development oriented public service
  • Social protection
  • Nation building and social cohesion

The President has signed performance agreement with each and every Minister of government to hold them accountable for the implementation of the NDP. Each Minister in turn signs   performance agreement with their DG and heads of departments which must be cascaded downwards in the public service administration hierarchy.

Firmly guided by our Constitutional values, principles and imperatives, we use the NDP to guide every sector plans and policies, programmes, projects and operations – including how budget and skills investment and other resources are allocated to move South Africa forward.  

Our role as DPME in the implementation of the NDP

As you know, the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation and the NPC were brought under the political leadership of one Minister in 2014. The task of the new Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is to provide unequivocal answers to questions we posed above; it is expected to guide how, as a nation, we proceed to address our socio-economic challenges, and enable government and society to take appropriate action.

Every quarter there is a progress report send to Cabinet that reflects how far we go in implementing the NDP and all this quarter report are posted on the department website to allow the public to access the update on the NDP as part of active citizenry.

DPME will also be responsible for driving and producing the National Spatial Development Framework, a plan which will indicate what aspects of our NDP will happen where and when across our whole country.

To accelerate the implementation of the NDP the President pioneered operation Phakisa which is a cross-sector programme where various stakeholders engage to implement initiatives and concrete actions to address constraints to delivery in a prioritised focused area for Public accountability and transparency. This has been tested in the Ocean Economy, Health, ICT in  Education and now in Mining. 

The MTSF serves to ensure that what is in the NDP is also translated into the work of all government institutions through their own 5-year strategic plans and annual performance plans. Quarterly and annual reporting is done against these plans, audited and presented to oversight bodies like the national assembly and provincial legislatures to enhance legislative oversight and public accountability.


The National Planning Commission (NPC) is a premium body that comprises South Africans from all walks of life who have been invited by the President and volunteer their time and expertise to collectively engage with the NDP and provide independent advice to government and all stakeholders in society in order to devise strategies and mechanisms that will ensure that the NDP is transformed into reality in the lives of our people. 

The commission works with broader society to draw on the best expertise, consult the relevant stakeholders and help to shape a consensus on what to do about the key challenges facing us.  Taking a long-term and independent view will add impetus, focus and coherence to our work. The establishment of the NPC is our promise to the people of South Africa that we are building a State that will grow the economy, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Call to action

Campaign participation 

  • Let’s us define our Ideal South Africa (Vision 2030)
  • Play our part
  • Use the NDP brand identity
  • Mobilise the nation
  • Participate in NDP campaigns

How to play your part as SA Citizens

A message for the artists

We welcome initiatives that are already existing by various sectors who are playing their part such as the Eziko production group that has developed and edu play on the NDP and its key critical areas.  This eduplay is exemplary of socially cohesive society that strives for a common national identity.

A message for youth entrepreneurs

There are also young entrepreneurs from Cape Town who have developed a business idea called Eza Sekasi Fridays and it demonstrated the creation of decent employment in the townships to champion the NDP.  This initiative is a stimulus for the statement made by young people who adopted the National youth policy and declared that, they do not want a hand out but a hand up!

A message to business people in the rural areas

During youth month, I realised that the NDP is alive when a young man from Mthatha shared his success story of forming vegetable growers association to ensure food security, economic viability and creation of jobs in his community. The young man through the association is propelling the ideals of the NDP for the smallholder farmer development and agrarian transformation.

A message for business and labour

Government welcomes the partnership with business and labour to rally around the NDP in ensuring that there is a collective effort in workplace conflict reduction and improved cooperation between government, organised business and organised labour.

Business must also contribute to productive investment through the infrastructure build programme and competitive enhancement in productive sectors of the economy.

A message for the media

We urge you, members of the media to uphold your mandate as the fourth estate by ensuring that we as government are implementing the NDP. By asking the right questions and holding us to account on the performance agreements, delivery agreements and MTSF targets that we have set.

Roll out Phases

The NDP government communication strategy will be rolled out in five phases and they are:

  • Awareness and brand identity  (Launch)
  • Mobilising and actively engage citizens on the plan. (Defining your ideal South Africa and Playing your part in assisting government  towards achieving vision 2030
  • Popularise South Africa`s programme of action, how it can change people’s lives (NDP is alive!)
  • Let’s work together to attain our vision 2030.


As South Africans let us use this NDP Brand Identity together to build a truly democratic united non-sexist non-racial and prosperous South Africa!

Tshegofatso Modubu
Cell: 083 276 0786 

Mmabatho Ramompi
Cell: 076 480 3513

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