Speech by Limpopo MEC for Public Works Mr George Phadagi on behalf of Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale during the funeral of Thomas Masilo Malatjie, Phalaborwa

20 Sep 2009

Programme director
Members of the bereaved family
The reverend and members of the congregation
Community leaders
Fellow mourners
Distinguished guests
Comrades, ladies and gentlemen

The Premier of this province, comrade Cassel Mathale has asked me to convey his sincere condolences to the family on behalf of the Limpopo Provincial Government and its people. It is quite unfortunate that he is not able to join us today owing to the fact that he is in Johannesburg attending the meeting of the African National Congress National Executive Committee.

The Premier and Members of the Executive Council wish to join the family in mourning the death of our beloved son, brother and father who passed away so tragically in a motor car accident some two months ago. Our deepest condolences go to his children, friends, relatives and all members of this community.

Programme director

Although we may never accept death, the truth is that, we all live to die and die in order to live. Death is a secret that has been hidden to all of us by the Almighty. None of us knows the time, the day, or the hour in which our last breath will depart this earth. Although death is a usual experience, its occurrence remains unfathomable and difficult for anyone of us to deal with. Not long ago, the deceased lived amongst us in flesh and spirit, but today he is no more.

We had grown accustomed to his presence, and had thought that one day he shall grow old and grey, but this was not to be. Death took away from us the life of a beloved brother, a son and a patriot at a time when there was a lot we still expected from him. He left us at the time when we were all looking forward to his invaluable contribution to this community. Blessed should be the man who dies knowing that he has made his full and honest contribution on this earth. Here lies a man who had used his skills and abilities to work for his family and the community in the best way he could. The province has lost a valuable human resource that could have been used more productively in the growth of our economy and its people.

Although, we may never succeed in taking away the pain which is felt by members of the family, we should however accept that none of us had the power to change or stop what had happened. What happened was in the plans of the Almighty and all that we need to do is to accept what we cannot change. However, we believe that tragic accidents similar to the ones which brought us here today can be prevented in future, if we all stick to the rules of the road and obey the arrive alive message. We have an obligation to celebrate the life of Thomas Masilo Malatjie because he was a dedicated worker, a father, a patriot and most importantly a disciplined member of this community. In the same breath, we all have a responsibility not to abandon members of the deceased family especially during this hour of need. Let’s give them comfort, courage and support in the best way we can. To the family we say; your tears are our tears and your loss is our grief.

Long live the spirit of Thomas Malatjie!

A’ moya wa gage o robale ka khutšo

May his soul rest in peace!

Issued by: Department of Public Works, Limpopo Provincial Government
20 September 2009
Source: Department of Public Works, Limpopo Provincial Government (http://www.dpw.limpopo.gov.za/)