South African Police Service on Vehicle Clearance Certificate for export
and import of vehicles

Requirements regarding the issuing of Southern African Regional
Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO) Vehicle Clearance Certificate
for export and import of vehicles

23 May 2007

In order to combat the illegal trafficking of motor vehicles in the Southern
African region, the implementation of a unique police clearance was agreed upon
by the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation
(SARPCCO) in terms of Resolution number 15 of its 4th AGM in 1999. The South
African Police Service has observed that some members of the community are not
aware of the procedure in obtaining SARPCCO Vehicle Clearance Certificates
before they export or import vehicles to and from other SARPCCO member

There are eleven active SARPCCO member countries and they are Angola,
Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa,
Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The purpose of the SARPCCO Vehicle Clearance is
that the document serves as proof that a vehicle was not reported as stolen in
a SARPCCO country where it had been registered before it was taken to another
SARPCCO country for purposes of registration.

The following is required when applying for a SARPCCO Vehicle Clearance

* the vehicle in question to be physically checked by the clearance
* the registration document of the said vehicle
* an identity document for personal identification
* passport.

The SARPCCO Clearance Certificate is issued by a suitably qualified member
of the SAPS specially appointed as a clearance officer at any Vehicle
Identification Section around the country. The Vehicle Clearance Certificate is
issued during normal working hours and there is no cost involved for such
certificate. The document is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. If the
clearance certificate expires, the process must be repeated.

SARPCCO Vehicle Clearance Certificates is not the only document required for
the purpose of import or export. Customs and Excise, the Department of
Transport and the Department of Trade and Industry will require additional
documents. In order to alleviate unnecessary delays persons who plan to import
or export a vehicle are requested to make contact with their nearest clearance
office. The consequence of failing to have the vehicle certified is that one
might receive a stolen vehicle in the process.

Supt Ronnie Naidoo
Tel: 012 393 5506
Fax: 012 393 5525/27
Cell: 082 778 4311

Issued by: South African Police Service
23 May 2007

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