Postbank assures continued validity of expired SASSA gold cards for 2024 social grants payments

Postbank wants to assure SASSA social grants beneficiaries that even if their SASSA Gold Cards have expired, they remain valid and will continue to work for social grants payments throughout 2024.

Important Information for Social Grants Beneficiaries:

  • No Need to Change: Never listen to anyone telling you to change to another bank claiming that your grant won’t be paid because your SASSA Gold Card won’t work. This is incorrect, SASSA Gold Card continues to work in 2024 and Postbank assures you that your grant will be paid on time via your existing SASSA Gold Card. No one has the right to tell you who to bank with, even if it’s a SASSA official.
  • Report Misleading Attempts: Report anyone telling you to change to another bank claiming that your SASSA Gold Card won’t work and the cards are being replaced. Remember, only Postbank is authorized to replace your SASSA Gold Card. You can report these incidents on 0800 53 54 55.

The channels for accessing SASSA grants conveniently with SASSA Gold Cards include retailers such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Usave, Checkers, and Spar, along with any bank ATM nationwide.

During the period from January to March 2024, cash services at Post Office branches will be progressively phased-out as part of a broader strategy aimed at enhancing customer service standards. However, beneficiaries facing issues with lost or stolen SASSA Gold Cards can still visit any Post Office branch nationwide to obtain a replacement SASSA Gold Card.

SASSA Gold Cards come with benefits that eliminate unwarranted charges, ensuring that grants beneficiaries receive their full grant amount:

  • Enjoy benefits such as three free withdrawals or purchases at participating shops.
  • Receive a free 3-month statement, and one free balance inquiry inside a branch.

Postbank is committed to ensuring timely and efficient payments of SASSA grants for all SASSA Gold Card users.

Media enquiries:
Bongani Diako (Postbank Spokesperson)
Tel: 082 788 2219

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