Minister of Transport Mme Dipuo Peters expresses her sadness at the passing of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, “Tata Madiba,” your passing away evokes a deep sense of sadness in all of us. You were something to everyone and touched many lives even beyond your physical reach. While we are sad about your passing on, we also celebrate the closure of a chapter scripted in humility, determination, compassion and love for humanity – values that you lived for and infused in your interactions with others, young and old.

You inspired us from behind the thick prison walls and became responsible for our budding political activism, during the turbulent 1970s/80s, that blossomed into the leadership we are expected to discharge to your nation and the world even beyond your life.

You led us with such graciousness and assertiveness when you were President of our country and we trusted in your open and frank leadership style. As members of your governing team then, you taught us to rely on the force and eloquence of our moral argument and not the strength of our numbers.

Beyond your Presidency, even as you were expected to be in retirement, you continued to show leadership. It is your generosity to our country’s children that history will define your “years of retirement.”

Behind the scenes, you lived and strived to steer and guide your beloved home and movement, the ANC, to its founding values as were defined by your forebears.
As Shakespeare would say; “…never have so many owed so much to one man.”

My family, the Department of Transport and its entire staff and I, drape our flag in honour and express our condolences to your bereaved family.

May God show you His mercy – May your spirit rest in peace and rise in glory.

Lala ngoxolo Madiba – Robala ka khotso Ntate Madiba – Robala ka kagiso Tautona.

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