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June is Environment Month under the theme "Think, Eat, Save and reduce your foodprint"

The theme for World Environment Day and National Environment Month rests on three pillars. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted. Therefore, communities are encouraged to “Think” before discarding food off as waste. The second pillar, “Eat” encourages consuming food in such a way that the environmental impact is reduced. This means consuming organic foods that do not utilise chemicals in the production process and purchasing locally produced food. If food is wasted, all the resources invested in its production are also wasted and as such, the final pillar encourages communities to make wise decisions about discarding food and “Save”as far as possible.

The theme looks at promoting an understanding of the impact that food waste has on the environment and in so doing, encouraging communities to change their attitudes towards environmental issues. Other key events celebrated during National Environment Month include World Oceans Day on 8 June and World Day to Combat Desertification on 17 June. The Department will also host the annual Greenest Municipality Competition Awards on 28 June as part of Environment Month celebrations.

World Environment Day celebrations and the launch of National Environment Month will take place on 8 June. In South Africa, June is also recognised as National Youth Month and in keeping in line with both themes, Minister Edna Molewa will launch the Groen Sebenza programme on 8 June 2013. The Groen Sebenza programme, in partnership with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), is a skills development and job creation pilot programme aimed at developing priority skills in the biodiversity sector.

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