I Cronjé: Bhambhata Centenary Celebrations

15 Mar 2006
KwaZulu-Natal Education MEC Ina Cronjé on the Bhambhata
Centenary Celebrations

15 March 2006

The Zulu or Bhambatha Rebellion was an episode of great historical
significance. Today, 100 years later we are looking back at the rebellion that
took place from February to July 1906. To commemorate the centenary,
KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has entered into a partnership with the
witness to publish a series of 12 supplements, written and compiled by
historian Jeff Guy. Dr Musa Madondo, an isiZulu subject advisor in our
department, did the translation.

The English supplements will be inserted in the witness, while editions in
isiZulu will be distributed in the Echo, Ilanga and UmAfrika. An additional 50
000 copies (English and isiZulu) will be delivered to our schools in the

The first four supplements deal with the resistance in the Richmond/Mtwalume
areas. The second series of four addresses the Bhambatha Rebellion in the
Nkandla forest, while the last four contain articles about the Maphumulo

These supplements, which have been richly illustrated with photographs, maps
and other information, will make the teaching of history and culture real and
relevant to our children and teachers. It will benefit our learners who will
study it as a sub theme in the “State formation in South East Africa” section
in the new curriculum. From a wider perspective it will enrich the lives of all
our teachers, children, parents and grandparents

This series is only one way of remembering and only one version of what
happened. According to the author there is still a lot of history to be
recorded of the rebellion. We therefore invite teachers, children and parents
to talk to older people and find out about their memories of what happened.
These can be posted to Ms Hlengiwe Mvuyana, Administrative Officer, Campbell
Collections, 220 Marriott Road, Durban, 4001. Or they can be faxed to Ms
Mvuyana at (031) 209 1622 or e-mailed to her at mvuyanah@ukzn.ac.za

We appeal to our principals, teachers, learners and parents to help us to
collect and record different stories of how the Zulu Rebellion of 1906 is being
remembered by the descendants of the people who fought, lived and died in it.
These stories could be published and distributed in a special edition, during
September, our Heritage month.

The Department of Education also plans to use the Bhambatha Rebellion as one
of our themes together with the Gandhi centenary of the Satyagraha, the non
violent struggle in our annual Heritage Cultural Celebrations competition.

Enquiries: please contact
Christi Naudé
Tel: (033) 355 2453
Fax: (033) 342 0275
Cell: 083 262 8829

Issued by: Department of Education, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial
15 March 2006