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Free State to launch Public Administration and Governance society atSenior Management Service (SMS) Conference, 29 - 31 Aug

22 Aug 2006
Provincial government launches the Free State Society for
Public Administration and Governance

22 August 2006

The Free State Society for Public Administration and Governance (FRESPAG)
will be launched as part of the second Senior Management Service (SMS)
Conference scheduled to take place from 29 August until 31 August 2006.

The launch is an outcome of a series of consultative processes between the
Free State government and American Society for Public Servants in the United
States of America (USA).

For the past three years or so, the Free State Province has held talks with
the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) in the USA to address
ways to maximise opportunities for the development of partnerships.

ASPA invited senior officials from the Free State government to attend two
of its national conferences in Oregon and Milwaukee States as a statement of
support for this partnership.

The role of ASPA is to bring officials at all levels of government, the
academic community and citizens together to focus on governance issues. The
Free State government intends to emulate the model by establishing an ASPA
affiliate or chapter in Bloemfontein.

It was during the first SMS Conference held in Bloemfontein in August 2005
that a process of establishing an ASPA affiliate in the Free State province was
set in motion.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Director-General,
Dr Nwaila and Mr S Belcher from the National Academy for Public Administration
in the United States.

A few of the specific initiatives that will be pursued through this
agreement include:

* developing a mutual relationship for professional enhancement,
participation and interaction through conferences, workshops, seminars and
* developing a profile of recognised public administration mentors that could
be used by both organisations to respond to requests for technical
* encouraging ASPA members particularly those interested in national and
international public administration issues to join FRESPAG and become involved
in its programmes and encouraging individuals active in FRESPAG to also
participate in ASPA, the Centre for Specialisation and Public Administration
and Management (CESPAM) based in Botswana and other similar societies in South
* developing mechanism by which each organisation’s members could more easily
access electronic information available on the FRESPAG and the ASPA
* disseminating the specifics of the agreement through FRESPAG and ASPA
* explore professional enhancement opportunities through scholarships,
mentorship and exchange programmes focussing on women, people with
disabilities, etc.

FRESPAG, as we now learn to call it, will serve as an outlet for which the
following can be achieved:

* to build appropriate skills and competencies within the Free State public
service at the provincial and local government geared towards the realisation
of the objectives of the Free State Growth and Development Strategy
* to acknowledge other initiatives that are fostering collaboration between
South African Management Development Institute (SAMDI), Free State Training and
Development Institute (FSTDI), National Academy of Public Administration
(NAPA), ASPA and other organisations in the field of public administration and
* to create a platform for all the public servants in the Free State to share
best practices in both government and non-governmental institutions
* to build bridges among all stakeholders who are involved in public
administration provincially, nationally and internationally
* to build the necessary human resource capacity to accelerate service delivery
in the province, including local government
* to provide opportunities for networking with national and international
organisations for professional development
* to promote dialogue among public servants and to create an environment for
public servants to share their own experiences with regard to governance and
administration in the public service
* to promote the objectives of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)
in an attempt to deal with the current challenges facing the African
* to recognise and reward good practice and service excellence in the field of
public administration and governance in the Free State
* to develop and retain a pool of professional mentors who will advance the
enhancement of public service cadre ship.

Membership to FRESPAG will benefit public servants in the province in this

* regular newsletters
* various award programmes
* bi-annual journals
* publications from all levels of government, the business sector and
non-profit sector
* seminars / conferences / annual breakfasts or dinners
* publication of various career opportunities within the Free State government
(e.g. advertised vacancies within provincial departments).

Issued by: Department of Public Administration and Governance, Free State
Provincial Government
22 August 2006