Fort Grey tuberculosis hospital promotes adherence

9 Nov 2009

Over hundred multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) patients attended the ‘Adherence Day’ held on 6 November at Fort Grey hospital.

The event included the handing over of keys for park home from ‘THAT’S IT’ (project that is a support service to HIV and AIDS). Among the stakeholders who attended the event were the traditional healers, Aspen, Correctional Services, community members, and Health Department officials.

The main purpose of the event was mainly to promote adherence and sensitise our patients to take responsibility of their own heath and also to promote patients’ awareness on the negative impact of non compliance. “Adherence leads to quality life”, was the theme resonated on the day.

HIV activist and former tuberculosis (TB) patient at Fort Grey hospital, Ms N Mbali testified that TB is curable even if you are HIV positive and she urged patients to complete their treatment. “I did not want to vomit or have nausea so I used to get up early at three o’clock and nock to the nurse’s home for my treatment because I wanted recovery” she said.

Another former TB patient, Mrs N Ntshoko told the crowd how she discovered that she had contracted TB and how she adhered to her treatment. “When I tested positive for TB I couldn’t believe it, I was the first nurse who had contracted TB from patients but I trusted God, I also strongly believe empty stomach treatment is the best and adherence,” said recovered Ntshoko.

Speaking at the event, TB Director , Ms M Nokwe pointed out that the opening of the park homes has helped a lot as there was no division with recovering patients and ‘THAT’S IT’ attached a pack home to the institution as an additional support to create more space for patients counselling and other activities.

Addressing the crowd she mentioned that Fort Grey TB hospital is an accredited antiretroviral site. Nokwe emphasised that she was also satisfied with the interdepartmental cooperation between her department, the social development and other departments.

She said the teamwork between her department and the education department has paid dividend. “I am happy to announce that we have two patients from Fort Grey who are writing grade 12 exams with assistance from the education department,” said an excited Nokwe.

Issued by: Department of Health, Eastern Cape Provincial Government
9 November 2009
Source: Department of Health, Eastern Cape Provincial Government (