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The Transport Month campaign is an annual feature on the calendar of the Department of Transport and is one of the platforms through which the department engages directly with its stakeholders.

An effective transport system is vital to our way of life, connecting people with jobs, schools, shops, friends and family.

Delivering efficient, reliable and safe transport services is a key objective for government

  • The Department of Transport is working with all stakeholders to provide a safe, reliable and efficient transport in the country.
  • Government’s commitment to an integrated rapid transport network both for freight and passenger users will result in a safe and reliable system.

Transport infrastructure is a precondition for economic growth

  • Government will develop and implement an integrated transport system and road network infrastructure to improve road traffic management and reduce road accidents and the resultant fatalities.
  • Inadequate transport infrastructure is a severe growth constraint to a country’s social and economic development.
  • The Department of Transport has intensified efforts to develop and improve South Africa’s transport system to serve as a catalyst for social and economic development.
  • An effective transport system is vital for the economic and social fabric of South Africa and it is a contributing factor for positioning the country as an attractive investment destination.
  • An integrated transport and road network is a key factor in attracting investment into the country and the continent. 
  • Recent achievements are the completion of the Gautrain, the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project and launch of Business Express trains to ease congestion in Gauteng.

Focus over the next year will predominantly be on:

  • maintaining road infrastructure;
  • upgrading the rail infrastructure and services; and
  • constructing and operating public transportation infrastructure.

In 2013/14 over R5 billion will be spent on 13 cities on planning, building and operating integrated public transport networks. Both Johannesburg and Cape Town have already constructed over 20 km of dedicated bus lanes on which services are operated, supported by over 100 km of complementary, feeder and distributor services.

Transport Month was first launched in October 2005. It seeks to raise awareness of the important role of transport in the economy, and to invite participation from civic society and business, in providing a safer, more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system for the country.

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