Transport Month

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The Transport Month campaign is an annual feature on the calendar of the Department of Transport and is one the platforms and vehicles through which the department engages directly with its stakeholders.

An effective Transport system has a significant impact on both the economic and social fabric of our country. It influences the economy in many ways, through its impact on the efficiency of business operations and labour mobility and, for its citizens, the attractiveness of South Africa as a place in which to live and prosper.

Transport Month was first launched in October 2005. It seeks to raise awareness of the important role of transport in the economy, and to invite participation from civic society and business, in providing a safer, more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system for the country.

The specific objectives of October Transport Month are to:

  • Make people aware of the role of transport in growing and developing our economy, and its importance to our citizens in their everyday lives
  • Highlight important challenges in building an effective, safe, affordable, accessible and reliable transport system
  • Promote the use of public transport in order to reduce traffic congestion
  • Promote a greater awareness of road safety behaviour for both users of vehicles, and for pedestrians
  • Engage stakeholders in all modes, in order that we may collectively prepare our transport system for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, and use this as a springboard for the continued success of our economy and people in the decades that follow.

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