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Hydrographic Act 35 of 2019 (English / isiXhosa)

35 of 2019

The Hydrographic Act 35 of 2019 intends:

  • to provide for the establishment of the Hydrographic Office;
  • to provide for its objects, functions and the manner in which it is to be managed;
  • to provide for the appointment and powers of the Hydrographer and the staff in the Hydrographic Office;
  • to regulate the submission of hydrographic data;
  • to regulate the manner in which hydrographic survey marks and copyrights may be protected;
  • to provide for the limitation of civil liability;
  • to provide for the manner in which the income of the Hydrographic Office must be dealt with;
  • to provide for co-operation agreements; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


To be proclaimed in a Gazette



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