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Housing Amendment Act 6 of 1996 [repealed]

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6 of 1996

The repealed Housing Amendment Act 6 of 1996 intended:

  • to amend the Housing Act, 1966 [repealed in 1998], so as to make further provision for the financing of housing;
  • to amend the Housing Arrangements Act, 1993 [repealed in 1998], so as
    • to delete certain definitions and to insert certain definitions;
    • to make further provision for the monitoring of certain housing matters by the National Housing Board;
    • to provide for the accreditation of local authorities to carry out national housing programmes;
    • to make further provision for the management and administration of the assets of the National Housing Board;
    • to provide for the control over the activities of a Provincial Housing Board by a member of the executive council;
    • to provide for the submission to the provincial legislature of certain reports on the activities of a Provincial Housing Board;
    • to establish a South African Housing Fund;
    • to consolidate certain funds in that Fund;
    • to regulate the administration of that Fund;
    • to substitute the long title;
    • to repeal certain laws; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


Abolition of Racially Based Land Measures Act 108 of 1991


  • 22 March 1996
  • 1 April 1996, Sections 2(b), (c), (d), (e) and (g), 4, 9, 10 and 13