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Electronic Communications Amendment Act 1 of 2014

1 of 2014

The Electronic Communications Amendment Act 1 of 2014 aims:

  • to amend the Electronic Communications Act, 2005, so as:
    • to insert, amend or delete certain definitions;
    • to align the Act with broad-based black economic empowerment legislation;
    • to refine provisions relating to licensing;
    • to make further provision towards ensuring effective competition amongst persons licensed under the Act; to remove regulatory bottlenecks;
    • to require the Minister of Communications to establish a council to advise the Minister on broadband policy and implementation;
    • to make further provision for the discounted rate at which Internet services must be provided to schools, educational institutions and public health establishments;
    • to authorise the Minister to require that certain information be submitted to the Minister;
    • to make provision for the fiduciary duties of members of the Board of the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa; 
    • to provide afresh for the appointment and conditions of appointment of the chief executive officer of the Board;
    • to make further provision for the utilisation of money in the Universal Service and Access Fund; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.



21 May 2014 (Government Gazette 37670, Government Notice 406)