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Customary Initiation Act 2 of 2021 (English / Siswati)


The Customary Initiation Act 2 of 2021 intends

  • to provide for the effective regulation of customary initiation practices;
  • to provide for the establishment of a National Initiation Oversight Committee and Provincial Initiation Coordinating Committees and their functions;
  • to provide for the responsibilities, roles and functions of the various role-players involved in initiation practices as such or in the governance aspects thereof;
  • to provide for the effective regulation of initiation schools;
  • to provide for regulatory powers of the Minister and Premiers;
  • to provide for the monitoring of the implementation of this Act;
  • to provide for provincial peculiarities; and
  • to provide for matters connected"therewith.


1 September 2021 (Gazette 44981, 13 August 2021)