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Civil Aviation Amendment Act 22 of 2021 (English / Afrikaans)

22 of 2021

The Civil Aviation Amendment Act 22 of 2021 intends:

  • to amend the Civil Aviation Act, 2009, so as
    • to amend existing, and insert new, definitions; to rectify references to certain Ministries and Government Departments; 
    • to amend Chapter 4 of the Act so as to make provision for the operational independence of aircraft accident and incident investigation;
    • to rectify the provision regarding the establishment of the South African Civil Aviation Authority;
    • to give the South African Civil Aviation Authority environmental protection oversight function;
    • to make provision for the Civil Aviation Authority as a preferential creditor in respect of any money, fees, charges or levies collected on its behalf;
    • to do away with the requirement for the development of a corporate governance plan;
    • to make provision for an employee of the Department to be a member of the Civil Aviation Authority Board;
    • to amend the provisions relating to the appointment and removal of the Commissioner for Civil Aviation and matters related to his or her functions and responsibilities;
    • to amend the provisions relating to the performance agreement between the Minister and the Aviation Safety Investigation Board;
    • to clarify the provisions dealing with conflict of interest;
    • to provide for the designation of the Chairperson of the National Aviation Security Committee and matters connected with the operations of the Committee;
    • to delete the provisions dealing with compliance notices;
    • to amend the provisions dealing with appeals;
    • to authorise the Minister to issue exemptions and to prescribe additional offences and additional enforcement mechanisms;
    • to extend the powers of the Minister to make regulations;
    • to move the procedures for the establishment of consultative structures to the regulations; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


To be proclaimed in a Gazette.