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Border Management Authority Act 2 of 2020 (English / Sepedi)

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2 of 2020

The Border Management Authority Act 2 of 2020 intends:

  • to provide for the establishment, organisation, regulation, functions and control of the Border Management Authority;
  • to provide for the appointment, terms of office, conditions of service and functions of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners;
  • to provide for the appointment and terms and conditions of employment of officials; to provide for the duties, functions and powers of officers;
  • to provide for the establishment of an Inter-Ministerial Consultative Committee, Border Technical Committee and advisory committees;
  • to provide for delegations;
  • to provide for the review or appeal of decisions of officers;
  • to provide for certain offences and penalties; to provide for annual reporting;
  • to provide for the Minister to make regulations with regard to certain matters; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.