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Basic Education Laws Amendment Act 15 of 2011

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15 of 2011

The Basic Education Laws Amendment Act 15 of 2011 aims to amend:

  • the National Education  Policy Act, 1996, so as to amend or delete certain definitions;
  • the South African Schools Act, 1996, so as:
    • to amend certain definitions and to define "loan";
    • to provide for consultation with the Minister of Finance before uniform minimum norms and standards are determined;
    • to ensure that there is no unfair discrimination in respect of official languages;
    • to provide for the imposition of a suitable sanction if an appeal by a learner who had been expelled from a public school has been upheld by the Member  of the Executive  Council; 
    • to provide for public schools that provide education with a specialised focus on talent; 
    • to provide for additional functions of a principal of a public school;
    • to provide for the training  of governing bodies by recognised governing body associations;
    • to  prohibit political activities during school time; 
    • to empower the Member of the Executive Council to identify additional schools that may not charge school fees;
    • to further regulate the liability of the State for certain damages;
  • the Employment of Educators Act, 1998, so as:
    • to amend certain definitions;
    • to regulate afresh the application of the said Act;
  • the South African Council for Educators Act, 2000, so as:
    • to amend certain definitions;
    • to empower the council to manage a system for the promotion of the continuing professional development of all educators;
    • and to provide the council with funding from money appropriated by Parlia­ment; and
  • the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act, 2001, so as to amend certain definitions; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


19 September 2011