Electoral Amendment Act 1 of 2023 (English / Afrikaans)

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1 of 2023

The Electoral Amendment Act 1 of 2023 intends:

  • to amend the Electoral Act, 1998, so as
    • to delete a definition and insert certain definitions consequential to the expansion of this Act to include independent candidates as contesters to elections in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures;
    • to provide that registered parties must submit a declaration confirming that all its candidates are registered to vote in the province where an election will take place;
    • to provide that the submission of lists of candidates of a registered party not represented in the National Assembly or any provincial legislature, must be accompanied by a prescribed form with certain specified details;
    • to provide for the nomination of independent candidates to contest elections in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures;
    • to provide for the requirements which must be met by persons who wish to be nominated as independent candidates;
    • to provide for the inspection of copies of lists of independent candidates and accompanying documents;
    • to provide for objections to independent candidates;
    • to provide for the inclusion of a list of independent candidates entitled to contest elections;
    • to provide for the appointment of agents by independent candidates;
    • to provide that independent candidates are bound by the Electoral Code of Conduct;
    • to provide for the return of a deposit to independent candidates in certain circumstances; to amend Schedule 1;
    • to substitute Schedule 1A;
    • to provide for the Minister to establish the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.


19 June 2023 (Gazette 48839 of 22 June 2023)

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