Fake news - Coronavirus COVID-19

Fake news prosecution

Anyone that creates or spreads fake news about the Coronavirus COVID-19 is liable for prosecution. Verify the information before you share information.

Report fake news through the Real411 website: www.real411.org.

The following is fake news:

23 November: Lockdown will start 2 December to 22 January


22 September:  Vaccination registration for 12 years and older

16 September: Posponement of cash allowances

DPSA cash allowance

14 September: Fossil fuel friends marketing ad

7 September - Home Affairs DG on IEC

7 September - Correctional Services learnership

Correctional Services learnership

30 August - Correctional Services appointment letter


18 July – Presidential Pardon for former president Jacob Zuma





18 July – Bhejane Hardware fire












15 July- Use of Ivermectin











15 July- SASSA grants

15 July- Gauteng RDP house

14 July - Escort Prison Not on fire

12 July - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park's fences not destroyed

12 July - Unrest in Escort prison

25 May: School closure

School closure

3 March: R3 500 COVID-19 Support Grant Fund

R3500 grant

2 March: Vaccine registration for people over 65

Vaccine registration for people older than 65

27 December: SANDF recalling members from leave

SANDF recalls members

30 November: President Ramaphosa to address nation on banning sale of alcohol

5 October: Wearing of masks

Wearing of masks

12 August: Minister Zulu new relief distress grant

Minister Zulu about new relief distress grant


10 August: Correctional Services learnerships

Correctional services jobs


7 August: Banning ends 15 August

Banning ends 15 August

29 July: Loan free debt relief

Loan free debet relief


28 July: Closure of universities

Nzimande closure of universities

8 July: Replacing of green ID

Green ID


29 June: Tembisa Hospital

Tembisa Hospital


23 June: FG Relief Funds

FS lockdown funds


2 June: Federal Government Insurance registration






26 May: COVID-19 youth brigades recruitment


14 May: Masks


12 May: SASSA

8 May: Unemployment Grant

27 April: Applying for Social Relief of Distress on WhatsApp


26 April: SASSA Whatsapp line for R350 grant


24 April: Social development


23 April: Phases


20 April: Bottle stores reopen on 22 April

Bottle stores reopen


12 April: Minister announces liquor trading hours


9 April: Food Parcels

8 April: Easter eggs

7 April: Foreign nations to depart South Africa

1 April: Normal school day


5 April: Misleading video clip on COVID-19 test kits


31 March: 90 day lockdown


30 March: I have tried to reach you since I tested positive...


28 March: Cosmic rays pass close to earth - turn off phones, etc.

Cosmic rays


27 March: Loss of soldiers 

26 March: Letter for closure of all learning institutions

Closure of all learning institutions

25 March: Schools opening date might be carried to the 10th of September

24 March: List of critical services required during the imposition of restricted movement during COVID-19

23 March: Restrictions on movement

22 March: Landlords barred from collecting house rent for the next 90 days

21 March: Chinese nationals buying their way into the country

20 March - Pres Ramaphosa - helicopters spraying chemicals solutions

Fake news


8 July - Government Support Fund for COVID-19


Africa Check - sorting fact from fiction

Viral ‘Unicef’ message about preventing coronavirus infection a mix of truths and half-truths

Coronavirus is not pneumonia – and symptoms of Covid-19 can be like common cold

No, drinking alcohol won’t kill the coronavirus

South Africa’s first coronavirus patient now has no symptoms, but not ‘cured’

Israeli scientists ‘close’ to developing Covid-19 vaccine, but no announcement or release yet

No, garlic doesn’t cure coronavirus. Get Covid-19 facts only from experts

No, Dettol surface cleanser not proven to kill 2019 coronavirus

No, Ghana university hasn’t developed coronavirus vaccine

Yes, dog tested positive for new coronavirus – but no evidence pets can spread Covid-19


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