Census 2011 'dress rehearsal': The aftermath

3 Feb 2011

Preliminary results from the Census 2011 'dress rehearsal', conducted during October 2010, suggest that non-responses may be a challenge during the big count, which takes place on 10 October 2011. The 'dress rehearsal' tested all process and methodologies in preparation for Census 2011 and it is envisaged that these will be refined to ensure the success of the count. 

“Dress rehearsal” non-response cases were investigated to determine what could have led to the non-response, and what corrective measures can be taken. Fieldworkers were sent back to the field as part of the mitigation strategy.

To complete data collection a reverse logistics process takes place, where all completed questionnaires’ and enumeration area summary books are returned to head office in preparation for the data processing phase.

Preparing for a census entails immense planning and the “dress rehearsal” debriefing will determine what has worked in practice and can be employed for Census 2011. The review process runs until the end of January.

The “dress rehearsal” Post Enumeration Survey (PES) has completed the data collection phase and debriefing. The PES is an independent survey that will replicate the census in sampled areas, after which the records of both the census and PES will be matched in order to evaluate census coverage and content errors, and also provide a concrete statistical basis for the adjustment of census data if there is evidence of significant coverage.

The Monitoring and Evaluation division conducted independent monitoring of the “dress rehearsal”.

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Source: Statistics South Africa