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About the National Energy Efficiency Campaign
National Electricity Summit, 16 May 2008




The National Energy Efficiency Campaign

South Africa is one of the world’s least energy efficient nations. We use approximately 40% of Africa’s electricity, and are the 11th highest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. Our national addiction to energy has led to the situation where our reserve margin is unsustainably low, and the reliability of our electricity supply is under threat. Our energy habits have adverse effects on our economy, our environment and our health.

The government and Eskom have committed to increase our energy capacity, but this will not be enough on its own. The government has been reaching out to all South Africans through the National Energy Efficiency campaign to encourage all sectors of society to conquer their “energy addictions”. By growing a culture of activism around energy savings, we can take control of our energy situation and ensure a better future for all.

As energy champions, your willingness to participate in this campaign is important for its success. Your voices will add credibility to the campaign and will help to highlight the need for South Africa to become energy efficient and adopt a culture of energy savings. In addition, your involvement will help to highlight the severity of the challenges that confront the country’s energy infrastructure

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National Electricity Summit, 16 May 2008

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