Lynne Brown, Ms


Position last held in government

Ms Lynne Brown was the Minister of Public Enterprises of the Republic of South Africa from 26 May 2014 until 26 February 2019.

Academic Qualifications

Ms Brown holds a certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of the Western Cape and obtained a certificate in Gender Development Planning Methodology from the University College in London.

Career/Positions/Memberships/Other Activities

Ms Brown was a founding member of the United Women's Organisation formed in 1979. She became a member of the African National Congress (ANC) in the 1980's and she has been a member of the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) and chairperson of the NEC Legislature and Governance Sub-committee.

She was an executive member of the Federation of South African Women and general secretary of the ANC Women's League in the Western Cape. She started the Women's College in the early 90's for women in governance. She became a member of the Mitchell's Plain Youth Congress and a member of United Democratic Front. She served as treasurer of the(ANC) Western Cape region.

Ms Brown taught at Beaufort West Salt River High and Mitchells Plain she also taught what was then called 'night school' to Grootte Schuur Hospital staff and is a committed supporter of adult education. She was a patron of the Wheat Trust. She served as a Premier of the Western Cape from 25 July 2008 to May 2009. Prior to her appointment as a Premier, she was Member of the Executive Council for Finance and Tourism in the Western Cape.

She has served as chairperson of the Standing Committee on Community Services, Health and Welfare and on Finance and Public Accounts. She was an ANC Chief Whip and Deputy Speaker, as well as the Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament and a leader of Government Business in the Western Cape.


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