Thusong Service Centre Week

Thusong Annual Week this year marks its 5th year in showcasing the success stories of the Thusong Centre Programme country wide. This year’s Annual Week will take place from the 16-20 September 2019 in the Western Cape Province, aligned to the Public Service Month under the theme “Reinventing the way Public Servants Work, Batho Pele”

The year 2019 marks exactly 20 years since the existence of the Thusong Service Centre Programme. Conceptualized in 1999, the programme has become a cornerstone of the government-wide access strategy aimed at redressing the imbalances of the past by taking services and information closer to the people.

The upcoming Annual Thusong Week shall therefore, take on an operational focus while reflecting on implementation and the celebration of the 20 Years Anniversary of the Programme, will pursue the following key objectives:

  • To promote the Thusong Service Centre Programme as a One-Stop Centre for access of intergraded government services and information to potential sponsors and stakeholders across all spheres of government
  • To promote and showcase the Integrated Mobile Outreach Programme as another typology of the programme which providers government services in far flung areas.
  • To celebrate excellence and encourage the good work done by Thusong Centre managers and Coordinators through an award ceremony.
  • To celebrate 20 Years Anniversary achievements of the Programme.To encourage investment and sponsorship from the private sector and government entities through project and programme opportunities for the implementation of the Digital Thusong Hub at Thusong Centres.


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