Energy Month 2022

1 to 31 May

May is National Energy Month in South Africa. 

Here are a few energy saving tips: 

Electricity saving tips

  1. Take a shower instead of a bath.
  2. Don’t fill the kettle - only boil the water that you need.
  3. Keep the fridge door closed, and make sure it is properly sealed.
  4. Don’t  cook with a small pot on a large stove plate.
  5. Dress for the season - warm in winter and light clothing in summer.
  6. Switch off all appliances when they are not in use.
  7. Reduce your heater or geyser temperature from hot to warm.
  8. Close all windows and doors when the air conditioner or heater is on.
  9. Use CFL energy saving bulbs at all times.
  10. Fit one light bulb with the correct level of brightness in a room.
  11. Turn the lights off when you leave a room.
  12. Do all ironing at the same time.

Fuel-saving tips

  1. Lighten the load in your vehicle.
  2. Plan your trips and minimise short trips or walk.
  3. Keep a safe following distance.
  4. Use air-conditioner only when necessary.
  5. Reduce idling time.
  6. Travel early/later to avoid known traffic peaks.
  7. Resolve minor and major car service issues.
  8. Keep your tyres inflated to the proper pressure.
  9. Join a lift club.
  10. If available use public transport.
  11. Use the recommended grade of motor oil for your car.
  12. Change gears according to your speed.
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