Presidency wishes President Jacob Zuma a happy birthday

12 Apr 2017

The Presidency wishes President Jacob Zuma a very happy and fulfilling birthday as he turns 75 years old today.

The President will spend the morning continuing with his normal programme holding consultations with Ministers and will later join his organisation, the ANC, for a celebration rally this afternoon in Soweto.

The President says his birthday wish is to see more progress being made in building a better life for the poor and the working class.

"I would like to see us making more progress in fighting poverty and inequality. We need to make progress in black economic empowerment to promote true economic freedom. I also wish to see us winning the battle against racism in our country. We remain committed to building a non-racial society and will continue to work hard to unite our people against racism and all it's manifestations. My wish is also to see more citizens working with the police and government to rid our communities of crime and building safer communities".

The President is also preparing for a special cabinet meeting to discuss the current economic situation in the country with a view to uniting stakeholders and the whole country towards finding solutions as was done when the first economic crisis set in around 2008, which has hardly subsided during his two terms of office. This has been exacerbated by the recent sovereign credit downgrades.

"Working together we will find solutions," said President Zuma.

The President's birthday has been dampened by the death of Ontlametse Phalatse, a brave young fighter who didn't allow the disease Progeria to limit her life. The President had invited Ontlametse to attend his birthday celebration later this month and she was happy as he shares a birthday with her mother Bellone Ontlametse.

Dr Bongani Ngqulunga
Cell: 082 308 9373

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