Imbizo Focus Week

17 to 23 April 2017


This year the Imbizo Focus Week takes place during Freedom Month and before Freedom Day, 27 April 2017, where, on this day in 1994, South Africans from all walks of life celebrate the historical day when their first cast the vote for a free and democratic country.


The Imbizo Focus Week will be rolled-out within the context of profiling tangible strides by government to respond to the various challenges that the country is facing and thus mobilising for collective implementation of key interventions already in place to ensure a better life for all South Africans.

Izimbizo is a unique participatory platform in the South African context. It promotes active citizenry through public participation programmes that are anchored around meaningful dialogues between the elected public representatives and communities. It is an essential tenet to deepening our participatory democracy elements of accountability and engagement.

The Imbizo Focus Week will be a platform to engage face-to-face, plan, acknowledge progress and forge mutual partnerships with communities – giving expression to the NDP ‘Our future – make it work’.

The Imbizo Focus Week will provide Principals with an opportunity to uphold the ‘aftercare’ element of the Imbizo programme premised on concerted feedback mechanisms to provide progress on issues raised previously and unveil interventions aimed at addressing them as such fostering community ownership.

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