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About applying for an early childhood development (ECD) programme certificate

Do you run an early childhood development (ECD) facility and want to provide learning and support appropriate to developing the age, stage and needs of children you take care of, including children with a disability, chronic illness and other special needs?

You can apply for an ECD programme certificate at your nearest Department of Social Development or Municipal office.

Your application may be granted for a period of not more than five years.

For your application to be considered, your ECD programme must:

  • provide appropriate development opportunities
  • be aimed at helping children realise their full potential
  • care for children in a constructive manner and provide support and security
  • ensure the development of positive social behaviour
  • respect and nurture the culture, spirit, dignity, individuality and language of each child
  • meet the emotional, cognitive, sensory, spiritual, moral, physical, social and communication development needs of each child

You must:

  • be fit and proper
  • have an appropriate ECD qualification, skills and training have worked in the early childhood  development field for a minimum of  three years.

Please note: To qualify for the funding of ECD programmes, you must comply with the prescribed national norms and standards. Funding is prioritised in communities where families lack the means of providing proper shelter, food and other basic necessities of life to their children.

What you should do

  1. Apply for the registration or conditional registration of an ECD programme at your nearest department of social development or municipal office where you will be given Form 16 to complete.
  2. Your application must contain the following:
    • your name and identity number
    • your physical and postal address
    • the particulars of the ECD programme
    • an implementation plan for the ECD programme
    • the staff composition of to the facility where the ECD programme will be provided
    • the financial statements of the ECD facility
    • a clearance issued by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to ensure that your name and that of staff members do not appear in Part B of the National Child Protection Register or the National Register for Sex Offenders
    • your qualifications, skills and experience.
  3. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued with a certificate of registration or conditional registration or renewal of registration.
  4. Officials from the department of social development and the municipality will make continuous assessment visits to your facility.

How long does it take

It may take up to three months for your registration certificate to be issued.

How much does it cost

The service is free.

Forms to complete

Forms 16 is available at your nearest department of social development or municipal office.

Who to contact


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