MEC Ismail Vadi urges Soweto commuters to use alternative transport

15 Mar 2019

 WATA/NANDUWE rank closures: MEC urges commuters to use alternative transport

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, is urging commuters in Soweto who relied  on WATA and Nanduwe minibus taxis to make alternative transport arrangements from tomorrow, Friday, 15 March 2019.

“Soweto residents and commuters normally using WATA and Nanduwe taxis along the affected ranks and routes are advised to make alternative transport arrangements as these ranks will be closed,” said Vadi.

This is in anticipation of the planned closure of taxi ranks and routes operated by the Nancefield-Dube West Taxi Association (NANDUWE) and Witwatersrand Taxi Association (WATA) tomorrow.

Commuters are advised to make use of alternative public transport such as Metrorail, municipal and provincial buses such as Putco and Rea Vaya services.

The MEC indicated that six specific taxi ranks and routes in Soweto will be shut down from Friday morning, 15 March, for a period of three months, until 15 June 2019.

“The closure of these taxi ranks/routes arises from the on-going conflict and violence between members of WATA and NANDUWE. It is necessary to shut down their minibus taxi services for the safety of commuters and residents of Soweto,” said Vadi.

“The Department is fully aware that the decision taken will inconvenience commuters and residents in affected areas, however, the safety of commuters and residents comes first,” he emphasized.

"As the person responsible for public transport in the province, I am concerned about the safety of commuters and the general public. I firmly believe that the closure of the said routes and ranks is now necessary to achieve normality in the declared area," said Vadi.

He also welcomed efforts being made by the National Taxi Alliance to broker a peace agreement between the warring taxi associations saying he is willing to consider further constructive representations on the matter.

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