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North West Health on new Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital Complex health facility

24 Jan 2023

New and innovative KTHC provides a life-line for Dr Kenneth Kaunda residents

The Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital Complex (KTHC) in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District continues to operate as a beacon of service delivery excellence, providing communities with quality health care and improving patient satisfaction.

The facility provides primary, secondary and tertiary services through its two sites which are located in Klerksdorp and Tshepong.

The facility has benefitted from a revitalisation programme of both the Klerksdorp and Tshepong hospitals which was implemented in the 2021/2022. The project benefitted the surgical theatres thus allowing for strategic reconfiguration of services.

Some of the strategic decisions which were taken to optimise service included:

•  Migrating the orthopaedic services to Tshepong.
• Permanently relocating the theatres and one ward to Tshepong Hospital were moved initially and in December 2022 to Tshepong.
• Housing the orthopaedic services such as neurosurgery and the main emergency medicine department to ensure comprehensive care of poly- trauma patients.
• Establishing a new Orthopaedic outpatient department where the old XDR TB unit was.
The revitalised KTHC is hosted in a commodious area which has space for retrieval of files and boasts multiple waiting areas. The facility houses a number of consulting rooms, a pharmacy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services. All these service points are located away from the other outpatient areas thus ensuring less congestion in the main pharmacy and waiting areas. The space is also staff friendly.

Tebogo Lekgethwane
Departmental Spokesperson Department of Health
Cell: 067 422 7763

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