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Deputy Minister Phumulo Masualle warns public about scam using his name

19 Nov 2020

Fraud alert: Deputy Minister Masualle warns public about scam using his name

The Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Phumulo Masualle has been made aware of the fraud and impersonation by unscrupulous persons who are soliciting money from South Africans and from International finance institutions in his name.

Mr Masualle has not sanctioned any letter, nor is he in support of any person(s) or institutions (Mr Kenneth Fadane) with the aim to solicit loans from the BRICS Development Bank.

A fraudulent email address has been created in the Deputy Minister’s name, from which communication and funding proposals have been sent to the "Brics Bank" and possibly others too.

The letter of support to a certain Mr K. Fadane to the BRICS Development Bank and others is therefore a scam; and members of the public should treat it as such.

We encourage the public, local and international finance institutions to report any persons or institutions to the law enforcement agencies that use the names of South African public representatives, such as Deputy Minister Masualle, to solicit money.

We condemn this fraudulent activity and will do everything possible to ensure the people behind it are brought to book.

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