Check online for duplicate ID

Check online for duplicate ID

7 May 2012

Home Affairs on duplicate IDsYou can now check online if you share an Identity
Document (ID) number with other people. The Department of Home Affairs has added a
facility on their website where you can check
whether you are one of the 29 000 people in South Africa with a duplicate ID

Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 32551
with the letter D (for duplicate) followed by your ID number.

The Department will also publish names of
affected people in major newspapers on Tuesday 8 May. If you are one of
affected people, approach your nearest Home Affairs office for assistance.

Addressing a media briefing, Home Affairs
Director General, Mkuseli Apleni announced that the first phase of the campaign
to eliminate duplicate IDs will “target
target the 29 000 people where
two or more people share one ID number. The second phase will focus on the
further 83 000 affected persons where a single person has multiple ID numbers”.

Apleni also announced that the new Smart ID Card will soon be
piloted across the country, with 2000 people, including activists who opposed
pass laws, being issued with new cards to test the system.