SADC Malaria Week 2014

According to the World Health Organisation, about 63 percent of people in the Southern African region are living in areas that are affected by malaria, with pregnant women and children under the age of five being at greater risk.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries recognise malaria as a major concern and one of the number one killers and causes of poverty in the region.

As a result, SADC countries have become participants to the Abuja declaration of halving malaria deaths by the year 2010 and the millennium development goal of reducing malaria deaths among children under the age of five by two thirds by the year 2015, as part of their interventions.

The month of November is the malaria transmission season in the SADC region. Therefore, commemoration of SADC Malaria Week joined by SADC Malaria Day take place in the second week of November every year to coincide with this season. The aim is to raise awareness and promote partnerships in the fight against the disease.

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