Energy on nuclear vendor parade workshops

26 Nov 2014

Government successfully concluded the second nuclear vendor parade workshop with delegations from China, France, South Korea and the United States of America. The workshop entailed presentations by the delegations of the four countries on their nuclear technology offerings. 

Speaking to a large South African contingent made up of senior technical officials from government, State Owned Entities and academics, the vendor countries sought to showcase and demonstrate their countries’ capabilities. That is,  how, if chosen, they plan to meet South Africa’s needs in the implementation of the required 9 600 MW (9,6 GW) nuclear power capacity. The vendors made presentations on their offerings for the full nuclear value chain including areas such as the technology uranium mining, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, localisation and industrialisation, power generation, safety and licensing, job creation, research and development, skills transfer and development.

To date government has engaged all vendor countries with whom Intergovernmental Framework Agreements have been concluded. As previously explained by government, vendor parade workshops were held with countries who chose to and were ready to engage in this manner having signed the Intergovernmental Framework Agreement as a requirement. The conclusion of this vendor parade marks a significant milestone in the government pre-procurement phase for the roll out of the nuclear new build programme. Going forward government will design and launch a procurement process.

Held in the rain soaked Drakensburg mountains, the vendor parades have been a great success, with South African participants able to engage in robust and open technical discussions with the vendors as well as among themselves.

Government remains committed to ensure energy security for the country, through the roll-out of the nuclear new build programme as an integral part of the energy mix as articulated in the Integrated Resource Plan 2010/30 and to keep the lights on in a sustainable manner.

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