Social grants - Coronavirus COVID-19

Grants will be paid. There is no need to withdraw all the cash at once, or to go to points where large numbers of people congregate. Once the grant money is in the account, it will remain there, regardless of when it is accessed.

Older persons and persons with disabilities should be given preference. Their grants will be available on 30 and 31 March. All others can access their grants from 1 April.

1. Social grant payments through bank ATMs and retail outlets

Confirmation was received from Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) that banks are ready for the payment cycle. ATMs will be restocked in time for the payment cycle which starts on 30 March.

Banks will also carry messaging reminding customers of priority for older persons and persons with disability.

Retail outlets have confirmed readiness. List of high volume stores just received and will be shared with NATJOC to assist SANDF and SAPS with support planning. Retailers confirmed their own containment measures:

. Social grant payments at cash pay points

  • SASSA will deploy at least one manager to each pay point to assist with queue management and to attend to enquiries – staff will have protective gear (masks and gloves) and carry hand sanitizer
  • SAPO has committed to having hand sanitizer for all clients – will be sanitized just prior to joining short queue for payment
  • Access to pay points will be limited to control social distancing
  • SAPO staff to be equipped with masks and gloves
  • Security staff will be equipped with masks and gloves
  • PostBank call centre (available 24/7) on 0800 53 54 55 to deal with concerns and complaints related to SASSA/SAPO cards – card replacement, PIN resets and non-payment

3. Call Centre

  • SASSA call centre (0800 60 10 11) will be available, although there may be reduced capacity.
  • Call centre available working hours only
  • Link to Postbank call centre for SASSA/SAPO card related enquiries

4. Social relief of distress

  • SASSA working on step-by-step process to assist individuals and shelters / institutions who may require SRD support during lockdown
  • DSD to assist with amending regulations to allow for application process not necessarily to require face-to-face contact (currently required in terms of Regulation 14 to Social Assistance Act)
  • Service providers who are able to provide food parcels to be confirmed per province by tomorrow, 26 March

5. Grant amounts have increased as from 1 April :

  • Grants for older persons and disability grants increase to R1 860
  • Grants for war veterans and older persons older than 75 years increase to R1 880
  • Foster child grants increase to R1 040 per child
  • Care dependency grants increase to R1 860
  • Child support grants increase to R440 per child