Fake news - Coronavirus COVID-19

Fake news prosecution

Anyone that creates or spreads fake news about the Coronavirus COVID-19 is liable for prosecution. Verify the information before you share information.


The following is fake news:

28 March: Cosmic rays pass close to earth - turn off phones, etc.

Cosmic rays


27 March: Loss of soldiers 

26 March: Letter for closure of all learning institutions

Closure of all learning institutions

25 March: Schools opening date might be carried to the 10th of September

24 March: List of critical services required during the imposition of restricted movement during COVID-19

23 March: Restrictions on movement

22 March: Landlords barred from collecting house rent for the next 90 days

21 March: Chinese nationals buying their way into the country

20 March - Pres Ramaphosa - helicopters spraying chemicals solutions

Fake news

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No, drinking alcohol won’t kill the coronavirus

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Israeli scientists ‘close’ to developing Covid-19 vaccine, but no announcement or release yet

No, garlic doesn’t cure coronavirus. Get Covid-19 facts only from experts

No, Dettol surface cleanser not proven to kill 2019 coronavirus

No, Ghana university hasn’t developed coronavirus vaccine

Yes, dog tested positive for new coronavirus – but no evidence pets can spread Covid-19