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Taxi Recapitalisation Programme

The Taxi Recapitalisation Programme (TRP) is an intervention by government to bring about safe, effective, reliable, affordable and accessible taxi operations by introducing new taxi vehicles designed to undertake public transport functions in the taxi industry.

The TRP is not only about scrapping old taxi vehicles, but also about how best to help operators to benefit constructively through empowerment. The compulsory requirements are also meant to ensure passenger comfort.

Through the TRP, government has ensured the following changes:

  • introduction of safety requirements for passengers
  • comfort for passengers by insisting on the size and number of seats
  • promotion of accessibility on the size and number of seats
  • branding and colour coding of taxi vehicles so that legal taxis can be identified and differentiated from illegal ones, and so that members of the public can easily identify a taxi vehicle.

By June 2015, the Department of Transport had scrapped 61 254 old taxis with a total payment of R3,4 billion for scrapping allowances.

Source: South Africa Yearbook 2015/2016

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